A sinus infection is a very common disease that many of you have probably experienced. It occurs as a result of an inflammation of the membrane and the tissue, and usually causes fevers, pain in the face and headaches.

When it is in a chronic form it lasts for about twelve weeks, but if it is not treated, it may last longer. An acute sinusitis can last for about four weeks if you treat it.

It is caused by viruses and bacteria and infection affects the sinuses, the air space between the bones in the cheeks, in the area between the eyes, and the forehead. This condition is characterized by pain or irritation in these cavities, as well as thick mucus, which causes a blockage of airways.

For sinusitis, doctors can prescribe antibiotics, but they are not the best treatment because they cause a lot of side effects. In such a case you should give your body the proper food that will help it treat itself.

Luckily, as antibiotics are not recommended, there are many natural remedies that can help you out with the treatment. These remedies are very effective in cleaning the sinuses, as they kill the microbes that cause this annoying disease.


The usages of the apple cider vinegar are well-known among the people and are used for natural treatments for many health problems. Its healing effects are due to the high amount of minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, but also because of the malic acids that help in killing off bacteria.

The malic acid binds to the pathogens, allowing the body to remove them more effectively. Additionally, it can treat fungal and viral infections, as well as Candidiasis.

The best for use is organic, unfiltered, unpasteurized, raw ACV, which gives the maximum effects. When you get the natural apple cider vinegar, you will see that isn’t clear, and you’ll see sediment parts on the bottom of the container, but don’t worry, as they represent the “mother.”

By consuming it through your mouth, it will clear your airways and break up the mucus. Due to its antibacterial features, you will be able to kill the bacteria that has been causing you problems.

The ACV is even helpful when you do not have any mucus and nasal congestion. It can provide your body with its nutrients, which give support and strength to your immune system, helping you to prevent the infection.

Thanks to the electrolytes in ACV, even it is acidic, it helps in balancing the pH levels in your body, and lowers the acidity, which is not a common environment for bacteria and viruses. By alkalizing your body, the microbes would be prevented from multiplying.

Another crucial ingredient for preparing the best remedy for sinusitis is cayenne pepper, so we will explain also why it is.

It has an active component named capsaicin that is the reason why the pepper is hot. This compound gives the cayenne pepper ability to kill pain and lower nasal congestion and it has been used for a long time now for these purposes.

Here are offered several ways how to use pepper in order to treat sinus infection:

–           Make a Capsinol nasal spray that contains capsaicin.

–           Prepare a mixture of half a spoon of pepper and a cup of boiled water and drink it for a couple of days till you feel better.

–           Sniff a little bit pepper from a spoon and clean your airways.


By taking cayenne pepper, your open the vessels and the mucus is broken down.

It also, for the moment, eases your facial pain, improves your circulation, lowers the inflammation, and has a role of an antibacterial agent. All that means that cayenne pepper has many benefits that can help you prevent and ease the sinusitis symptoms.

ACV Beverage for Sinuses


–           Two tbsp. of ACV

–           One glass of lukewarm water

–           One tsp. of raw honey

–           Juice of one lemon

–           A little bit of cayenne pepper (amount according to your tolerance)


1)         In one glass, make a mixture of all of the ingredients

2)         Consume it warm until you feel better

3)         You can use the mixture without honey and by gargling you may recover faster.

You can expect that every portion of this remedy will relieve the symptoms for a few hours. However, you should know that the best and the safest amount is one or two cups per day.

If your condition with the sinusitis is more serious, you can slowly increase the dosage. This beverage is not just breaking down the mucus, it is good for the overall health. By consuming it every day, you may feel the sinusitis going away.

When your condition improves, the cayenne pepper can be removed and you can just consume one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with water per day. However, the most healing effects of this beverage gives the cayenne pepper because it makes it powerful.

For you who do not like its hotness, try even a little bit, it will be helpful.

We believe that it is clear now why taking one or two tbsp. of apple cider vinegar each day helps you to keep the microbes away.

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