How To Make Homemade Hair Removal Wax With Milk And Baking Soda


Body hair is every woman’s worst nightmare. Else she wouldn’t spend so much time and money getting her body waxed, her face bleached. Add to it the pain of the sheer procedure of waxing. It is the hair on the arms and legs that sprout faster and need to be shaved off more frequently. Waxing at a salon is expensive, needs a time commitment and too cumbersome. How about making your own homemade hair removal wax that will naturally remove all unwanted body hair and gradually make your skin hair-free.

With this natural homemade hair removal wax you can painlessly remove all unwanted hair from your arms, face and legs. Prepare this easy recipe with some readily available ingredients at home and use it for about three months and you won’t have any body hair. Your skin will become fairer and smoother too, naturally. No more wasting money on expensive waxing sessions at the salon or shaving.

After using this, you will wonder why you didn’t try this recipe all these years.


2 tsp Gelatin
2 tbsp Milk
1/2 tsp Baking soda
1 tbsp Cucumber juice

Homemade hair removal wax recipe

Method of preparing homemade hair removal wax:

1. Extract juice from a cucumber by mashing it into pulp in a grinder and then straining its juice through a cheesecloth.
2. In a bowl, blend gelatin, milk, baking soda and cucumber juice together, till well combined.
3. Microwave the mixture between 10 to 12 seconds.
4. Stir the mixture constantly to get rid of lumps and air pockets. The mixture needs to be thick, smooth and homogeneous.
5. If it is not, add a dash of milk and microwave it again for about 10 seconds.
6. Stir till you get the consistency right.
7. Now using a makeup brush apply in generous strokes this warm mixture on the areas you have body hair.
8. Allow it to fully dry out before you peel it off.
9. Do not scrape it off, or pull the layer with a jerk. Gently roll it out of your skin without damaging your skin.
10. All hair would come off in one go.

Do this thrice in the first month if you have very hairy arms and legs. Then cut it back to twice a month for at least three months. With this all your body hair will vanish permanently. Your skin will become smooth, fair and there won’t be any wrinkles. This procedure has no side-effects, its natural and the best remedy to remove embarrassing body hair.

Try this homemade hair removal wax today, and you won’t have to go to the salon again.


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